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KUNOMAIL - first steps. 2

How do you become a KUNOMAILER?. 2

How can I test KUNOMAIL?. 2

How do I activate KUNOMAIL?. 3

How do I set up KUNOMAIL?. 4

KUNOMAIL - Basic settings. 4

Create and manage signatures. 5

Create a standard email template. 5

E-mail folder and KUNOMAIL administration. 6

Our recommendations for older and slow computers. 7

KUNOMAIL Licence - reactivate/reset activation/delete. 7

How can I reset/delete my licence?. 7

























KUNOMAIL - first steps


How do you become a KUNOMAILER?


1. Download & test KUNOMAIL free of charge (limited version)

2. Initial setup 

·         Integrate e-mail account via "Administration" - "E-mail account" - "Assistant

·         Make basic settings via "Administration" - "Settings


3. After testing à  

4. Activate licence

·         in KUNOMAIL via "Help" - "Activate KUNOMAIL"


5. Online shop & online account

·         Link the online shop so that all purchased products are automatically loaded into KUNOMAIL

Ø  To do this, enter the online shop email address in KUNOMAIL under "Administration" - Settings "-" Online shop "


6. Adapt/individualise KUNOMAIL

·         Make the desired settings in the menu item "Administration“

Ø  Select wizard and user interface

Ø  Create contacts and signatures

Ø  Customise folders and columns

Ø  Create local folders/favourites


7. Media centre

·         "Options" - "Media Centre"

Ø  the according shop products are automatically deposited here

Ø  own files and pictures can be added

8. Help & guidance:

·         Help Center & YouTube channel


How can I test KUNOMAIL?


Before you buy KUNOMAIL, you can test the programme (according to the service description on our website) free of charge in a limited version.

Ø  To do this, simply download KUNOMAIL via our website and the button "Start KUNOMAIL Download" or


You can find an overview of the functions under:



Ø  If you want to use KUNOMAIL to its full extent, you can purchase a full version licence.

To do this, simply go to our homepage and click on the " Purchase " button.



For the first steps (also during the test period) and the introduction to KUNOMAIL, we recommend our YouTube videos, which guide you through the programme.


First Steps:


Integrate e-mail account:

(German version, please use english subtitles)


A complete function overview:

(German version, please use english subtitles)


How the importer works and the media centre:

(German version, please use english subtitles)


Import local emails:

(German version, please use english subtitles)


You can reach our channel with a general overview of all videos under:










How do I activate KUNOMAIL?


There is no licence key with KUNOMAIL.

The purchased licence is linked to the e-mail address used for the purchase.

To activate KUNOMAIL, you simply have to enter the corresponding e-mail address in KUNOMAIL under "Help" - "Activate KUNOMAIL".


How do I set up KUNOMAIL?


After you have successfully installed KUNOMAIL, synchronise all the e-mail accounts of your provider with KUNOMAIL. (only one account possible in the test version)

Ø  To do this, open KUNOMAIL and go to "Administration" - "E-mail accounts".

The best thing to do now is to use our e-mail account assistant by clicking on "Assistant". It will guide you step by step through the necessary entries and tell you exactly what you need to enter.

Ø  You can also find all the information you need in our YouTube video on initial set-up.

(German version, please use english subtitles)


Of course, you can also make the entries without the wizard.

If your provider is not yet registered, you must make the settings manually without the assistant.

Ø  Wenn alle Eingaben gemacht wurden, klicke bitte anschließend auf "Testen".

You will then receive a message that the connection was successfully established. Then click on save and close the e-mail account management.

Please note the individual settings of your e-mail account directly with your provider. Enclosed is a link to some exceptions:

Ø  Now your e-mail account will start to synchronise with KUNOMAIL.

The speed of synchronisation depends on the size of the mailbox, so this may take a little longer.

Ø  Once the connection between your e-mail account and KUNOMAIL is established, you can edit your e-mails in KUNOMAIL from now on!


We recommend that you first make some basic settings via "Administration" - "Settings". You can find more information on this under "KUNOMAIL - Basic settings" in the Help Centre.



KUNOMAIL - Basic settings


Create and manage signatures


Any number of signatures can be created under "Administration" - "Signatures".

Ø  To do this, please select "Create new signature" and title it "Signature name".

Ø  Now you can specify when the respective signature should be displayed "insert in new e-mail" and/or "insert in reply".

Ø  In the text field you now enter your desired signature, in which you can of course also insert smileys, GIFs or animations, and then save it.

Ø  If you want to change an existing signature, select the appropriate signature under "Select existing signature", make your changes and save them.

If you now go to "New e-mail", all the signatures you have created are stored in the tab "Signatures" - "My own", from which you can now choose.



Create a standard email template


You can create an e-mail template in KUNOMAIL according to your wishes.

Ø  This is always displayed when you click on "new e-mail".

Here you can not only specify the desired text, but also the font and size used and, of course, greeting cards, pictures or stationery.

Ø  To create a template, go to "New e-mail" and enter everything you want to include in the template in the text field. When you click on "Save draft", you can now select "Yes" to have your draft displayed with every new e-mail in future.

You can recognise your standard e-mail template in your drafts by the italic font.

If you right-click on a specific template in your drafts, you can easily add or remove it as a standard template via the menu that appears.


You can also find a video tutorial on YouTube at

(German version, please use english subtitles)









E-mail folder and KUNOMAIL administration


Ø  In the menu item "Administration" - "E-mail account folder" you can create subfolders for the selected e-mail account or rename existing folders.


You can also define the columns displayed (sender, subject, recipient, sent, received, size, attachment) for the respective mailbox.


Ø  Under "Administration" - "Local Folders / Favourites" you can create and manage a folder structure according to your wishes and needs. Please note that these folders only exist locally in KUNOMAIL.


Ø  With the Spam Manager (under "Administration" - "Block sender spam") you can determine which e-mails are to be blocked and which are trustworthy.


Ø  Under "Administration" - "Assistants" you can select your desired assistant or hide the assistant. (Please select other providers via the dropdown).

You can also have your assistants appear in random mode via the dropdown. To do this, simply select the desired assistants via the item "random assistant".

Ø  Under "Administration" - "Contacts" you will find the contact management to store your private and business contacts as well as groups.


Ø  Under "Administration" - "Signatures" you can create and manage your e-mail signatures. (see also the item "KUNOMAIL - Basic settings").


Ø  Under "Administration" - "User interfaces" you can select your preferred user interface and change it at will.


Ø  You can make various basic settings via the "Settings" item. You can also find information about this on YouTube.


In principle, you only need the item "E-mail accounts" for the initial setup (see Youtube).

(German version, please use english subtitles)











Our recommendations for older and slow computers


For slow or older computers, we recommend making the following settings in KUNOMAIL to optimise the speed:


"Administration" - "Settings" - "Basic settings".

Ø  Please check the box "Shorten animations on slow computers".


"Administration" - "Settings" - "E-mail

Ø  Please select a shorter period for "Hide e-mails older than".

(The e-mails are only hidden and are not deleted from the provider or the local e-mail account at any time!)




KUNOMAIL Licence - reactivate/reset activation/delete


How can I reset/delete my licence?


If it should ever be necessary to reset your KUNOMAIL licence, e.g. because you have a new PC, you can easily do this yourself.