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KUNOMAIL - Media Centre. 2

What is the media centre?. 2

Where can I find my purchased products?. 2

KUNOMAIL MovieMaker. 3

What is the MovieMaker?. 3

IncrediMail Importer. 4

What is the IncrediMail Importer?. 4

KUNOMAIL - Spam Manager. 5

How does the Spam Manager work?. 5

KUNOMAIL LiveView Option. 6

What is the LiveView Option?. 6

How does the LiveView option work?. 6


What is the MAGIC Editor?. 7

What can I do with the MAGIC Editor?. 7

KUNOMAIL - Email search. 8

How does the email search work?. 8

KUNOMAIL Read aloud function. 8

What is the Read aloud function?. 8

KUNOMAIL Slide show.. 9

What is the slide show and how does it work?. 9

KUNOMAIL - Backup & Restore. 9

How does "Backup & Restore" work?. 9











KUNOMAIL - Media Centre


What is the media centre?


  In the media centre, the corresponding KUNOMAIL products as well as your own pictures, files and templates are stored and managed.


  You can easily get there via the "Options" - "Media centre" item in your KUNOMAIL.


  The media centre offers you the different tabs: stationery, greeting cards, pictures, GIFs, video, sounds, signatures.


  In the "Video" tab, for example, your films recorded with the MovieMaker are automatically saved.


  In each tab you will find the item "KUNOMAIL" and the item "My own".


  Under "My own" you can create folders, add your own pictures or upload files.


  To create, delete or rename folders, please click on the "Arrow up" button. A small submenu will open where you can change all the settings.


  To add your own files and pictures, please click on the "Add your own media" button.


  If you now want to write an e-mail and click on "New e-mail", all the contents of the media centre will be displayed automatically and you can choose from them as you wish.




Where can I find my purchased products?


  You can find an overview of your purchased products in the online shop under "Your account" in the order overview.


  Your purchased shop products are also automatically loaded into your KUNOMAIL and/or the media centre. To do this, enter your online login data in KUNOMAIL under "Administration" - "Settings" - "Online account".






What is the MovieMaker?



  The MovieMaker is your tool for a personal video greeting and unique to KUNOMAIL!


  In just 3 steps you can easily record and send your personal video for an e-mail or a video greeting to your friends and family.


  You can purchase the MovieMaker in our online shop ( Here you will find all further information in the product description.


  Our YouTube video gives you an insight into how it works.


  If you have purchased the MovieMaker, you will find it in your KUNOMAIL under "Options" - "MovieMaker".


  You will find a detailed description and a video tutorial in the opened MovieMaker under "Help".
























IncrediMail Importer


What is the IncrediMail Importer?


  With the IncrediMail Importer you can transfer letters, e-cards, contacts and e-mails from IncrediMail to KUNOMAIL.


  The data or e-mails from IncrediMail must first be exported from IncrediMail (manually or with the help of a separate programme) in order to import them into KUNOMAIL with the IncrediMail Importer.


  The IncrediMail Importer can be purchased for a one-time fee of 4.99 from our online shop.


  In KUNOMAIL you will find it under "Options" - "IncrediMail Importer".


  If you click on "Help" in the open importer, you will receive a short "step-by-step" guide.


  You can find a detailed video tutorial on Youtube at

(German version, please use english subtitles)


  If you do not want to import your IncrediMail e-mails manually and have several hundred or even thousands of locally stored e-mails, it is a good idea to export them with the help of an external programme. For this purpose, we can offer you the programme "Incredimail Migrator" from the company PCVare as an exclusively negotiated special offer. You can find out how to purchase it on our homepage.












KUNOMAIL - Spam Manager


How does the Spam Manager work?


  With the Spam Manager you have the possibility to mark e-mail addresses as trustworthy or to block unwanted e-mails from certain senders.


  You can easily do this directly in your inbox by right-clicking on the corresponding e-mail. Simply select the desired setting in the context menu.


  Of course, you can also do this directly in the Spam Manager.

Here you can also make further settings for the selected blocked e-mails. For example, you can specify whether blocked e-mails should be moved to the Spam folder or the Trash.


  You can also set, for example, that blocked and unknown e-mails are marked in colour in the inbox.


You can also find a short video explanation of the complete functionality of our Spam Manager on YouTube at

























KUNOMAIL LiveView Option


What is the LiveView Option?


  With the LiveView option, it is possible to make the complete content of your e-mail, including all animations, images and effects, visible to the recipient in the Internet browser.


  This way, every recipient can enjoy your designed e-mail in all its glory, even if their e-mail programme cannot reproduce it completely.


You can also find all the information in our YouTube video on the LiveView option (German version, please use english subtitles)




How does the LiveView option work?


  To use the LiveView option, simply select this function in the editor and specify 3, 5 or 7 days.


  Your sent e-mail then contains a link that the recipient can use to view the e-mail in the Internet browser.


  The link remains valid for the selected number of days, is of course only known to your recipient and is automatically and irrevocably deleted after the selected number of days.


You can also find all the information in our YouTube video on the LiveView option (German version, please use english subtitles)
















What is the MAGIC Editor?


  The MAGIC Editor not only offers the standard functions for writing e-mails, but also a multitude of unusual and colourful possibilities for designing and animating your e-mails, which are only available from KUNOMAIL.


What can I do with the MAGIC Editor?


  With the MAGIC Editor there are many possibilities to create an extraordinary and animated e-mail. Many functions are only available with KUNOMAIL and a full version licence.


  You can position texts and graphics freely, choose a background colour and set any background image.

Texts and backgrounds can be animated and gradients can be set.


  You can also easily insert a local image or a free text field into your e-mail.


  You can work with layers, frames, text & object shadows and get inspired by the text and background effects.


  If you want to send connected pictures and photos, you can do this effectively with the slide show function.


  We have also put together several YouTube videos for you on MAGIC Editor. You can find them on our channel at


A quick guide is also available directly in the MAGIC Editor under the "Quick Guide" tab.













KUNOMAIL - Email search


How does the email search work?


  Under "Edit" - "Advanced search" or by right-clicking on an e-mail, you can access the e-mail search.


  Here you can specify, for example, whether only the selected e-mail account is to be searched or all accounts.


  It is also possible to search in local folders and in a certain period of time.


  The special feature of our e-mail search is that the search results are immediately displayed live.


  By clicking on an e-mail in the search result, you will immediately land in the e-mail in question.


  If it is not the email you are looking for, you can switch back to the search window and select another email.


  The annoying memorising of paths and searching in subfolders is no longer necessary



KUNOMAIL Read aloud function


What is the Read aloud function?


  With the help of the KUNOMAIL read aloud function, all text contents of the e-mail are read out to you.


  To start the function, simply click on the KUNOMAIL logo above the e-mail.


  You can pause or resume the function at any time by clicking on the KUNOMAIL logo again.


You can also find a short video tutorial on YouTube at

(German version, please use english subtitles)



KUNOMAIL Slide show


What is the slide show and how does it work?


  With the help of the slide show function in our MAGIC Editor, you can add a slide show to your e-mails, i.e. an automatically playing series of pictures or photos.


  To do this, simply select all the desired images in the media centre when creating a new e-mail and insert them next to each other in the e-mail.


  You can also upload the pictures directly to the media centre using the MAGIC Editor function "local picture".


  Now go to the tab "Animation". Under the menu item "Slide show" you now select the one you want, e.g. "Slide show with frame". You can also set the playback time per picture here.


  If the desired frame is selected, the slide show is automatically created and played with the selected pictures. You can also use the left and right arrows to view the pictures manually.


You can find detailed instructions on how to create an e-mail with a slide show on YouTube.

(German version, please use english subtitles)


KUNOMAIL - Backup & Restore


How does "Backup & Restore" work?


  Under the point "File" - "KUNOMAIL Backup" you will find the possibility to create a backup.

  You can back up KUNOMAIL including all your personal data and restore it exactly as you left it.


  This means even more security for your e-mail client.

Of course, your personal data is always encrypted.


  To back up or restore your KUNOMAIL, simply enter a backup password and select what you want to do and which data should be included.


  You also have the option of analysing the space required for the backup in advance.

Then you simply start the backup or restore.