KUNOMAIL für Windows

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Features Current version

The functions contained in the KuNoMAIL Windows Client are described here.

Description of services - KuNoMAIL Client for Windows

  • KUNOMAIL backup
  • SPAM Manager
  • Email rule management
  • Email search
  • Support Windows 10 & Windows 11
  • Integration of any number of email accounts
  • Import contacts from any email programs
  • Email account wizard for easy setup of local email accounts
  • Standard functions for sending and receiving emails
  • Mark email as read/unread
  • Multilingualism (German, English, French, Danish, Greek, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Czech, Swedish, Slovak, Hungarian)
  • Administration and creation of your email contacts
  • clear desktop without complicated functions
  • Individual design of the interface through a wide variety of layouts
  • Select your assistant/detector
  • Assistant / notifiers inform you about incoming/outgoing emails
  • Voice control is included. Audio support for dialogues
  • the automatic update always keeps your KUNOMAIL Client for Windows up to date
  • Create and manage signatures and templates
  • Add and delete any number of email folders
  • Hide (do not load) older emails (depending on the settings)
  • Link to your KUNOMAIL online account (automatic synchronization of your purchases and licenses)
  • Save emails in *.eml
  • E-mail view in the external web browser
  • Import stationery and greeting cards from Incredimail (ATTENTION – paid importer required)
  • Create a folder using the context menu – File (this is possible via Administration)
  • Zoom function within an email
  • Customize columns

The following functions have been revised in the updates!

Release information features & bug fixes

ReleaseDate=26.05.2024 10:00

- an Assistant/detector can have their own voice output added using the audio recorder
- Display email images attachments directly in an email, various sizes can be set
- Problems with email account display due to incorrect connection (troubleshooting)

ReleaseDate=22.05.2024 10:00

- KUNOMAIL recommend function available
- Delete contacts (bug fix)

ReleaseDate=15.05.2024 10:00

- Emails are loaded directly from the server without any delay
- click on email sender opens the contact and displays it

ReleaseDate=03.05.2024 10:00

- Write a new email, contact selection x button to reset the filter
- select several emails via the selection box in combination with the Ctrl key
- Menus can be turned on and off individually in the interface management
- Additional contacts/address import options from Thunderbird, Gmail, Outlook, Mailbird

ReleaseDate=25.03.2024 10:00

- new option in the settings, mark emails as "not" retrieved after loading from the server
- the cleanup does not end automatically or it stops (troubleshooting)
- Improved notification when sending an email
- New email reporter/assistant included free of charge in the update

ReleaseDate=22.03.2024 10:00

- Insert image and text templates into letter templates and greeting cards
- Update available Dialog informs about the current update before installation
- Email folder display number of emails contained and size in MB
- Extensions available in Letter Creator

ReleaseDate=15.03.2024 10:00

- style="width:100%;height:100%;pointer-events:auto;cursor:auto;"> Text in email header (bug fix)

ReleaseDate=15.03.2024 10:00

- duplicate email folders are displayed (troubleshooting)
- new email arrives, but is not displayed directly (bug fix)
- the email is displayed on a non-white background (bug fix)
- Email templates available for images and text
- Letter Creator new ways to arrange the text area

ReleaseDate=04.03.2024 10:00

- Number of unread emails in the taskbar and window title can be adjusted in the settings
- Show SPAM messages dialog can be temporarily deactivated, for example to select several SPAM emails

ReleaseDate=23.02.2024 10:00

- Automatic email browsing (paging) of more than 1,000 emails per folder
- Modern interface icons display incorrect
- Settings contact display only email address (troubleshooting)
- SPAM Manager AI available (learning AI to recognize personal SPAM)
- Emails in the SPAM folder can only be viewed via confirmation (option in the settings)
- Revision of the dialogues, improvement of readability and integration of YouTube tutorials

ReleaseDate=08.02.2024 10:00

- navigating emails via keyboard
- read status display improved
- Information can be configured to highlight problems with an email account in color
- new SYSTRAY option, KUNOMAIL can be started completely minimized
- Contact bar for quick search is automatically hidden if there are no contacts
- Send draft email (optimization)
- E-mails manually marked as unread are no longer automatically marked as read when selected
- KUNOMAIL Icon K lights up red if there are unread emails
- Magic Editor Text Centered, Left.- Right aligned or justified

ReleaseDate=01/26/2024 10:00

- Contacts and groups can be filtered in the contact selection
- Highlighting automatically read emails (troubleshooting)
- Contacts new field Alias / Title / Nickname, also available as a filter in the settings
- Drag&Drop into local folders (troubleshooting)
- Reset KUNOMAIL settings
- Favorites contacts can be displayed
- Assistant speaks in German although another language is set (troubleshooting)
- Bug fix when new emails arrive, folder does not appear updated

ReleaseDate=16.01.2024 12:00

- Attention! Important bug fix when entering email addresses manually!
- Contact selection expanded to include contact groups
- Emails can be created directly from the contact management
- Image can be assigned to a contact group

ReleaseDate=12.01.2024 10:00

- new function: Email preview before sending
- E-mail recipients cannot be selected (troubleshooting)
- Improvement in selecting email recipients from the contact list
- New dialog for loading an update
- automatic cleaning of the KUNOMAIL Temp folder when exiting
- New contacts are no longer automatically added to CONNECT

ReleaseDate=21.12.2023 10:00

- Email cannot be marked as read/unread (troubleshooting)
- Save email template, the name can now be specified in advance
- Edit and save signatures revised
- Delete GMAIL emails (troubleshooting)

KUNOMAIL 2022 Version=2.6.2

- setting a surface does not save the icons (bug fix)
- Detector/assistant shows new email when it arrives
- Email dialog shows all recipients as a tooltip
- Cleanup additional options to clean up “old emails”.
- Fixed voice output bug
- Saving of email columns improved
- Email account management shows the password as a tooltip
- New email contacts from sent emails limited
- Delete emails directly without trash (bug fix)


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version=2.6.1

- Windows program libraries updated
- truncated icons when enlarged (bug fix)
- Media center revised, deletion of own email templates improved
- Improved sending to email groups
- the sorted display of contacts in the email overview has been improved
- Contact selection with image in the Compose Email dialog
- max. e-mail display is signaled
- selected email is not displayed when starting KUNOMAIL (bug fix)


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version=2.6.0

- extensive optimizations
- Frame removed from email replies and forwards
- Email account create subfolder bug fix
- after closing the email folder management, no status is displayed (bug fix)


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version=2.5.9

- new eMail attachment function shows email attachments in Windows Explorer
- Add attachments via drag & drop in the email dialog
- Improved overview of existing attachments in the email dialog
- set frames are removed from an email before sending (bug fix)
- Letter Creator Surface Identifier Color (bug fix)


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version=2.5.8

- Problems with an email account are displayed directly in the navigation
- Invalid favorites are automatically cleaned up
- after the KUNOMAIL cleanup, emails are unread (bug fix)
- Drag & Drop into favorites (bug fix)
- Bug in the KUNOMAIL sheets letter template fixed


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version=2.5.7

- Performance problems fixed after the update version 2.5.5 final
- Dialog Cleanup Acceleration of email processing
- New option “Delete emails directly and do not move them to the trash” available in the settings
- New option “Storage location for email attachments” available in Settings
- Fixed incorrect formatting when replying and forwarding an email


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version=2.5.6

- Performance problems fixed after Update Version 2.5.5


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version=2.5.5

- Show warning when emails are in the Outbox or Drafts folder
- Save current view, possible from the context menu
- The sender email address can be copied to the clipboard
- Revision of KUNOMAIL deinstallation
- Search emails / filter for contacts
- Email quick search improved
- Email max in classic view (bug fix)
- Improvements in read/unread display


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version=2.5.4

- Improvement in creating and managing email accounts and error messages
- Improved writing of log files, maximum size 2 MB
- PremiumSupport log files are automatically added as an attachment
- Improved restoring a KUNOMAIL backup
- Create and delete email folders directly from the account overview
- Copy and move emails from the email overview to local folders
- Automatically mark sent emails as read


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version=2.5.3

- News information is not loaded in classic view
- full .gif support in email dialog
- disable automatic email retrieval (bug fix)
- E-mail account position Saving simplified
- More customization options for email columns


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version=2.5.2

- Contact management revised, contacts can be selected via contact pictures
- Surface management extended, background images or videos can be adjusted as desired


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version=2.5.1

- Show E-Mail Columns.- Hide Save (bug fix)
- Send To from Windows (bug fix)
- Do not disturb mode in E-Mail Dialog
- E-Mails can be displayed in blocks (paging) Auto Detect adjustable
- E-Mail dialog, insert Images / Video and continue writing improved
- E-Mail dialog, overview of template elements Images and Videos improved
- Icons are not reset when changing the interface (bug fix)
- SPAM Manager Rules Wizard Saving Rules for Multiple E-Mail Accounts (bug fix)
- integrate voice Messages or Videos in the E-Mail Dialog
- new tool Audio Recorder available in Online-Shop


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version=2.5.0

- E-mail BCc recipient is entered in the Cc recipient field (bug fix)
- new email max. reading mode available, options can be set in settings
- KUNOMAIL backup fails at 99% when restoring (bug fix)
- Dark Mode foreground color was not set (bug fix)
- E-mails can be displayed in blocks (paging), the maximum number of e-mails per page
  can be set in the settings


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version=2.4.9

- CONNECT integrated in KUNOMAIL, can be terminated together with KUNOMAIL
- Info area shows news about KUNOMAIL and active promotions
- E-mail Comments are not displayed after saving
- KUNOMAIL News is now available under the Help menu item
- Photo collage templates missing background fixed
- the Iscons can be selected in SkinSettings
- Online store icon available next to purchase options
- multiple Starts of KUNOMAIL possible (bug fix)


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version=2.4.8

- Mail outbox folder under Trash folder (bug fix)
- Save / Print an email as PDF
- Display problems in freemailers or other e-mail programs solved
- Revision MagicEditor, improvement in inserting images and text formatting
- Improved detection of multiple email recipients


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version=2.4.7

- E-mail sender is displayed as a contact picture
- E-mail "Unbanned Attachment" fix
- E-mail display in free mailers or other E-mail programs improved
- CONNECT integrated in KUNOMAIL, contact status is displayed directly


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version=2.4.6

- new email search / filter function above the email grid display
- Speed up deleting emails
- switching email folders takes a long time (bug fix)
- E-mail replies are marked with AW:
- Display Safe sending is truncated (bug fix)
- Account update Display (bug fix)


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version=2.4.5

- MagicEditor formatting moves text to a new line (bug fix)
- Information area (date / time) shows tooltip with last and next email account update
- SPAM manager dialog available in additional languages


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version=2.4.4

- Löschen von E-Mails wählt die nächstemögliche in die Ansicht
- Boot process accelerated
- Start text announcement (bug fix)
- Volume setting is not saved (bug fix)
- new color selection dialog
- new e-mails are only displayed when they arrive after clicking on the assistant (bug fix)
- Background images are not displayed in Classic View
- PremiumSupport dialog completely revised
- Email search dialog completely revised
- Email comment dialog completely revised
- Assistant closes automatically when an email is viewed
- Email overview line height automatic height
- Optimization of the enlarged display
- Hungarian language is now available
- Drag & Drop incorrect display of tagged emails
- Send e-mails display-safe, troubleshoot content cropping


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version=2.4.3

- Emails are not retrieved automatically (bug fix)
- the number of selected recipients is displayed in the e-mail dialog
- Composing an email, selecting multiple recipients and entering email addresses manually has been improved
- Compose e-mail, take multiple contacts at once from the contact dialog (bug fix)
- Notification area background is not displayed (bug fix)
- revised start assistant dialog
- Improvements when creating local and online folders
- completely new installation - update dialog


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version=2.4.2

- complete refactoring of KUNOMAIL
- Version number is displayed in the settings home page
- Window size settings (bug fix)
- when you click on the wizard / notifier, the last email received is displayed
- Fixed background video flickering
- First start of KUNOMAIL Unable to delete emails (bug fix)


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version=2.4.1

- Compose email dialog revised
- Fixed a bug in the Customize Interfaces dialog (image for notification area).
- Contact management CONNECT Extension create / edit user profile
- Completely redesigned KUNOMAIL activation dialog
- Completely reworked dialog Manage KUNOMAIL assistants
- Completely redesigned E-Mail Account Folder Management dialog
- Text "Email has been sent" in other languages (bug fix)
- Text "New email from" announces mailbox instead of sender (bug fix)
- after the test period has expired, KUNOMAIL can continue to be used as an e-mail viewer, some functions are not available!


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version=2.4.0

- Completely redesigned KUNOMAIL settings dialog
- completely revised dialog shop update products
- Completely revised Local Folders dialog
- Completely redesigned email account management dialog
- the user interface settings affect all dialogs
- insert GIFs (bug fix)


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version=2.3.9

- Magic Editor available under Template Editing Options
- Media center can display more than 250 entries per selection
- Premium Support dialog improvements
- Confirmation email after activation or an activation reset
- save and restore current session (bug fix)
- Magic Editor Fonts Extension of the Windows fonts
- Completely redesigned KUNOMAIL settings dialog


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version=2.3.8

- SkinSettings no theme preselected (bug fix)
- optimized dialog messages with YouTube videos
- New "Text Modules" dialog, also integrated in the "Compose E-Mail" and "Media Center" dialogs
- Delete signature, security query added
- Completely redesigned "Media Center" dialog
- Optimization when restoring the last session


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version=2.3.7

- CONNECT new setting options
- not possible to change contact pictures (bug fix)
- Assistant does not exit when KUNOMAIL is closed (bug fix)
- incorrect date display in AM/PM format (bug fix)


KUNOMAIL 2022 version = 2.3.6

- Backup&Restore completely revised
- Dialog surface adjustments completely revised
- Enable display of unread emails in window title
- POP3 is outdated Message is displayed too often (bug fix)
- HotFix: E-mail cannot be sent (bug fix)


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.3.5

- HotFix: E-mail cannot be sent (bug fix)


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.3.4

- Saving email columns per folder type (bug fix)
- Saving an email draft without recipient (bug fix)
- the KUNOMAIL cleanup is available in the Help menu item, this extension solves minor problems such as the wrong read status
- Automatic cleanup can occur when exiting KUNOMAIL, options are available in the settings
- Empty recycle bins of all email accounts as an option for automatic cleanup
- Ctrl+A available to select emails
- E-mails are not received despite being connected (bug fix)
- Links to YouTube help videos are included in the email account dialog error message
- links to YouTube help videos are included in the activation dialog error message
- Email delivery Receipt.- Request read receipt, also available as a duration option in settings
- Requested receipt.- Confirm read receipt, available as an option in settings
- simplified e-mail account management when creating a new e-mail account, warning POP3 as outdated
- E-mails can be sent display-safe, this option no longer applies to e-mails that are answered
- answered emails can be highlighted in color, this option is available in the settings
- Answered e-mails can call up and display the reply e-mail via the context menu


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.3.3

- KUNOMAIL.CONNECT V1.1.0 Final customer test version
- KUNOMAIL.CONNECT contact management Change image with the same name (bug fix)


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.3.2

- Security update Fix e-mail dialog "The file was not found"


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.3.1

- KUNOMAIL.CONNECT Version 1.1.0 integration
- Product / article updates are set up when KUNOMAIL is started
- In the settings, the sender information for e-mail replies can be deactivated
- Improvement of the translations in the individual dialogs
- Email account management direct help links to YouTube videos


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.3.0

- Account type change cleans active account and creates it new, data backup is created
- Added KUNOMAIL.CONNECT to the contact management
- KUNOMAIL contacts can be added to contacts from an email
- E-mails can be sent in a display-safe manner and are therefore visible in all e-mail programs
- Contacts in the e-mail dialog can now be entered more easily


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.2.9

- Quit KUNOMAIL, not all windows are closed (bug fix)
- the Firststart assistant opens modally and also checks whether an e-mail account is available after "closing the window".
- Magic Editor button "New", creates an empty email window (email standard templates are not loaded)
- Magic Editor supports templates for inserting images directly into designated positions
- Unable to delete emails in draft folder (bug fix)
- duplicate email folders in POP3 (fix bug in email account folder dialog)
- Letter Creator removed red frame for text area
- Email columns can now be customized to match the folder type (Inbox, Outbox, Sent...).
- missing background images in freemailers (bug fix)


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.2.8

- E-mail with certain templates and included background images cannot be sent (bug fix)
- Rule wizard Rule does not respond (troubleshooting, existing rule must be saved again)
- E-mail account setting "delete only locally" was not saved (bug fix)
- MovieMaker templates revised for easy insertion of MovieMaker videos
- KUNOMAIL cannot be started minimized (bug fix)
- Email Account Assistant Cannot Connect (bug fix)
- Deleting multiple selected emails has been optimized
- no connection to STARTTLS email accounts possible (bug fix)


KUNOMAIL 2022 version = 2.2.7

- new User interface with compact display without icons "Business"
- the dialog background.- Foreground color can be adjusted freely
- Replying to emails containing templates has been optimized
- Sending email with template creates unnecessary scrollbars (bug fix)
- Images contained in an email are no longer displayed as attachments (new emails)
- Adjust image size in emails revised
- Enhanced color selection in email dialog
- Emails with inserted images are not displayed in freemailers (such as: GMail) (bug fix)
- E-mails are displayed as hieroglyphs in freemailers (such as: GMail) (bug fix)
- E-mail account management assistant button enables subsequent comparison of the e-mail provider information
- Product names in the email and media management dialog adapted to the selected language
- manual interface adjustments are applied to all "new" dialogs


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.2.6 (Hotfix)

- Wizard does not appear (bug fix)
- Portrait, transparent images incorrect conversion in MagicEditor (bug fix)
- no duplicate and no .dat extensions as email attachments


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.2.5

- Emails with inserted images are not displayed in freemailers (such as: GMail) (bug fix)
- E-mails are displayed as hieroglyphs in freemailers (such as: GMail) (bug fix)
- Replying to emails containing templates has been optimized
- Sending email with template creates unnecessary scrollbars (bug fix)
- Images contained in an email are no longer displayed as attachments (new emails)
- new user interface with compact display without icons "Business"
- the dialog background.- Foreground color can be adjusted freely
- Adjust image size in emails revised
- Enhanced color selection in email dialog
- E-mail account management assistant button enables subsequent comparison of the e-mail provider information
- Product names in the email and media management dialog adapted to the selected language
- manual interface adjustments are applied to all "new" dialogs


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.2.4

- New Spam Manager and Rule Assistant Dialogue
- New eMails disappear shortly after displaying (bug fix)
- Kunomail can be restarted under the menu item "File"
- Unailing emails in the enwtürfe folder cannot be deleted (bug fix)
- Write an improved selection of contacts in contact management and email


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.2.3

- Dealing with large email accounts has been significantly improved and the Senden & AMP; Reconciled accelerated
- Windows 'Send to' Function Open E-Mail Dialog without Appendix (error correction)
- Only if a new email is written, the extended settings collapse at the start
- e-mails in the spam folder can be restored via the context menu
- simplification of the email account management


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.2.2

- assistant is not displayed (bug fix)
- e-mail is not sent and cannot be deleted (bug fix)
- POP3 Problems with sending VNO emails
- At the start, the emails are not displayed in the inbox (error correction)
- assistant sound edition "You have from von" (bug fix)


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.2.1

- In the english Language, the e-mail account folder German is presented (bug fix)
- uniform font size in the information area
- Spam Manager, locking of emails from a complete domain *@domain.de


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.2.0

- The Kunomail surface can be designed individually by adjusting the font, font size and font color
- E-Mail Draft cannot be saved (bug fix)
- The Letter Creator now has the automatic images reduction function
- Edit e-mail answer- Magic Editor does not react (bug fix)


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.1.9

- grouped email account view does not update emails (bug fix)
- New e-mail dialog does not open (bug fix)
- contacts are not displayed as set (error correction)
- warning at Kunomail Start and Bein E-Mail Dialog if there is no active email account
- ads of the "new / unread" e-mails improved
- Kunomail web browser Home is not displayed (bug fix)
- e-mails that cannot be sent immediately will be automatically sent at the next possible time
- e-mails in the outcome of the post can be processed retrospectively
- Maximum size of the error report logs limited to 1MB
- the "not" German date display corrected


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.1.8

- GMail 2 Factor Authentifizierung


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.1.7

- account management / help / data protection provision
- Delete all waste baskets immediate emptying
- deletion, recovery or drag & drop selection with hooks (bug fix)
- display of double emails (bug fix)
- E-mail answer to contact group only to transmitter (bug fix)
- inbox shows incorrect number of e-mails (bug fix)
- E-mail information directly configurable now
- Magic editor Delete pictures & videos simplified


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.1.6

- Premium dialog conversion of magiceditor -> Textbox
- signatures dialog completely revised
- contact management completely revised
- contacts (with picture) can be activated as an assistant
- emailadresse-@domain.de (bug fix)
- disable assistant (bug fix)


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.1.5

- Bilder in E-Mails einfügen optimiert
- E-Mail Übersicht Spaltenposition kann in aktueller Ansicht gespeichert werden
- E-Mail Konten können nun manuell sortiert angezeigt werden


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.1.4

- Insert big pictures in emails optimized
- Show favorites (bug fix)
- improvements in email formatting after changing the templates


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.1.3

- Kunomail Tools Load directly into the menu
- Inserted images in an email are displayed in full screen after sending (error correction)
- Letter-creator templates created are supported in the Magic Editor


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.1.2

- Magic editor formatting fixed various errors
- Magic Editor Insert pictures and videos to selected function
- mailto left does not indicate the recipient (bug fix)
- drag & drop handling improved
- Checkon click selection of an email via checkboxes
- shorten animation on slow computers, now also stops the video playback
- Mark / demarcate and sort (bug fix)
- sent e-mail does not appear in the folder (bug fix)
- Write e-mail sorted notification recipient list


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.1.1

- Google Gmail Oauth 2.0 Prepared support
- Inserting a picture into an empty email (bug fix)
- Some products were not loaded (error correction)
- write email, recipient from emails already sent are not displayed (bug fix)
- waste (trash) empty (bug fix)
- performance improvement


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.1.0

- consumed background image in the email dialog (error correction)
- E-mail dialog automatically collects all subfolders (bug fix)
- printing of an email indicates additional information (bug fix)
- The old email dialog is no longer available as an option
- Kunomail setting fonts - Help with the YouTube video
- greeting cards and letter templates errors in line break
- German text edition in other languages (bug fix)
- Different representation problems with email templates and greeting cards fixed (bug fix)


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.0.9

- new e-mail dialog, the previous e-mail dialog can be defined via the settings
- on.- opt-out of emails improved
- Contact management optimized for smaller screen resolutions
- Contact management Saving a note (bug fix)
- displays local folders and favorites
- Videos and audios can be sent again


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.0.8

- a web browser can be activated and displayed in the e-mail view
- the status of the current e-mail folder is displayed in the notification area
- the web browser start page can be set in your KUNOMAIL settings
- Incorrect reception.- Sent date is displayed (bug fix)
- Importing contacts from the "old" KUNOMAIL jumps to the contacts directory
- Delete POP3 emails, reappear in inbox
- after deleting emails are shown as unread
- Mailhilfe.de SKINS are supported
- importing contacts between the KUNOMAIL versions with status display


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.0.7

- new WEBVIEW view displays e-mails with current browser technology
- Links can be displayed either in KUNOMAIL or in an external browser
- KUNOMAIL is terminated, the assistant remains standing


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.0.6

- Significant performance improvement in the area of e-mail status synchronization
- Email status read/unread disappears automatically (bug fix)
- The wizard is not displayed correctly (bug fix)
- English email folder designation (bug fix)
- Restore last session, open saved email folder
- different contacts view, does not select a contact (bug fix)
- Incredimail Importer background images not visible (bug fix)


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.0.5

- No feedback is displayed in the window title (bug fix)
- Download / save multiple attachments at once
- Contact management Save button not visible (bug fix)
- .GIF images are not displayed in MagicEditor (Bugfix)
- German email account folder designation (bug fix)


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.0.4

- Drag&Drop Local Folders (bug fix)
- Typing noises in MagicEditor (bug fix)
- classic view (save session)
- Improved display on scaled / enlarged screen resolutions
- Delete e-mails, last e-mail is still displayed (bug fix)
- Compose email, insert image and cancel... still inserts image (bug fix)
- Keyboard sounds and spell check disabled
- Backup & Restore (bug fix)
- Performance improvement


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.0.3

- Trash will be automatically deleted
- black background color in compose email dialog
- missing English translation in the online shop settings dialog
- minimize window on startup (bug fix)
- Help does not open (bug fix)
- new e-mail is also reported in the recycle bin (bug fix)
- MovieMaker & Incredimail Importer in KUNOMAIL2022 (Bugfix)
- enable question dialogs (bug fix)
- disable automatic email retrieval (bug fix)
- create, edit, delete (troubleshoot) local folders and favorites
- Email Account Folders Create, Edit, Delete (bug fix)
- Attachments not visible (bug fix)
- ctrl+V and more keyboard shortcuts available in compose email dialog (bug fix)
- Links in emails do not open in the default browser (bug fix)


KUNOMAIL 2022 Version = 2.0.2

- KUNOMAIL Options - Tools are not loaded (Incredimail Import, MovieMaker...) Bug fix
- KUNOMAIL does not start in English although the installation is in English (bug fix)
- Compose email window does not open
- Email save with subject as filename
- cryptic email folders (bug fix)
- if the assistant ends prematurely, the sound output does not end (bug fix)
- the background service crashes when loading the icon (bug fix)
- the presentation of the non-German editions has been completed
- Notification area Time in hh:mm:ss format
- mark as unread in GMail (bug fix)
- Backup&Restore now has the ability to backup and restore contacts directly
- Contacts can be imported from other KUNOMAIL versions



KUNOMAIL Version=1.6.5
ReleaseDate=02/20/2022 10:00

- new MAIL.dll
- E-mail account management Set the default account
- Incredimail Importer background images not visible (bug fix)



KUNOMAIL Version=1.6.4
ReleaseDate=12/12/2021 10:00

- new MAIL.dll
- Improve performance and stability
- Fixed T-Online error after switching between IMAP and POP3



Version = 1.6.3
ReleaseDate = 11/21/2021 10:00

- automatic KUNOMAIL activation after reinstallation on the same PC
- The activation can now be reset in the "Activate KUNOMAIL" dialog
- Conversion of the previous online account connection in the Settings dialog



Version = 1.6.2
ReleaseDate = 10/31/2021 10:00

- Digital certificate 2022
- full WIN11 support
- Help menu with HelpCenter, KUNOMAIL YouTube channel and Mailhilfe.de
- Optimization of the KUNOMAIL surface
- Preparing to convert an online account to a KUNOMAIL account
- Start behavior changed, if there are no e-mail accounts the e-mail account dialog is opened



KUNOMAIL Version=1.6.1
ReleaseDate=10.10.2021 12:00

- Improvement in performance and stability
- Set KUNOMAIL as the standard e-mail client opens the Windows "Standard Apps" dialog
- Emails can be highlighted in color and given a comment



Version = 1.6.0
ReleaseDate = 09/26/2021 12:00

- E-mails can be sent directly or in the background via configuration
- Email selection jumps to the first email in the grid if it is automatically marked as read (bugfix)
- Extension of the active question dialogs
- open an .eml or click on a mailTo: E-Mail link opens KUNOMAIL with license warning despite existing license (bug fix)



Version = 1.5.9
ReleaseDate = 09/19/2021 12:00

- .eml double click opens KUNOMAIL (bug fix)
- KUNOMAIL crashed while loading (bugfix)



KUNOMAIL Version=1.5.8
ReleaseDate=13.09.2021 16:30

- Contact import - error correction if no field assignment was made (error correction)
- Deleting emails in local folders (bug fix)
- Deleting emails goes straight to the next email after deleting them
- Revision of the e-mail account assistant
- New editor for easy editing of emails
- the wizard can now be displayed without sound
- The assistant can announce the last sender of new e-mails
- Assistant appears although there is obviously no new e-mail (bug fix)
- Wizard selection dialog revision
- E-mail account administration, connection test is always carried out before saving
- Magic Editor, character deletion (bug fix)
- Display of duplicate e-mail folders in sent (bug fix)



KUNOMAIL Version=1.5.7
ReleaseDate=03.09.2021 13:00

- E-mails can be sent with a read receipt and / or priority
- E-mails can be marked with the selection box and then deleted
- "Compose E-Mail" hides the recipient list if it is empty
- E-mail overview - e-mails can be selected and deselected using space keys and deleted using the Delete / Del key
- E-Mail overview - Columns can be widened and set as sorting
- E-mail group view shows the unread e-mails in brackets []
- E-mail attachments can be displayed with the original file name and saved in the desired destination folder (these settings are restored in the current view)
- Button & CheckBox are underlined when they are selected / active
- All dialogues can be adjusted in their size
- E-mail search only available with license
- "Compose e-mail" advertising banner after a 14-day trial period without a license (immediately for existing installations with a term of more than 14 days)
- Royalty-free version includes an advertising banner in the center console
- GMAIL duplicate inbox / All messages folder (bug fix)
- Click on an empty e-mail folder - the last e-mail remains displayed (bug fix)
- Incredimail templates - the border is pressed on the right / scrollbar (bug fix) (NOTE - the template must be re-imported for this)
- MagicEditor - revision of various functions (bug fix)
- Drag & Drop from local folders to e-mail folders (bugfix)
- Templates with background images / background history (bug fix)
- Start text (welcome text) cannot be selected (bug fix)
- In the group view, unread emails are highlighted & SPAM Manager rules are applied (bugfix)
- in the group view - restore emails context menu (bug fix)



Version = 1.5.6
ReleaseDate = 08/24/2021 12:00

- Activation dialog hides activate button if there is an existing ...
- Optimization of the e-mail overview display, hiding the horizontal scroll bar for large resolutions
- Acceleration / improvement of the start process when loading the e-mail accounts
- The display of how many e-mails are loaded is available via tooltip on the columns of the e-mail overview
- Audio files can be integrated either as a player or background music
- Magic Editor - Font formatting improvements
- The enlargement of an e-mail is no longer in the e-mail, but in the center console
- Double update of a selected e-mail account during the start-up process (bug fix)
- Magic Editor - some of the 1,000 fonts were not displayed in the emails sent (bugfix)
- E-mail account folders were displayed twice (error correction)
- the SPAM MANAGER dialog can now be displayed on smaller screen resolutions (error correction)



Version = 1.5.5
ReleaseDate = 08/14/2021 16:00

- ReDesign KUNOMAIL barrier-free surfaces
- Image sizes can be adjusted when inserted into an email
- If the test fails, the e-mail account shows additional information for error analysis
- Deletion of emails in the group view across multiple email accounts (bugfix)



KUNOMAIL Version=1.5.4
ReleaseDate=24.07.2021 10:00

- KUNOMAIL supports 125% screen resolution for enlarged font
- the e-mail folders can be automatically collapsed after the start
- The time can now be activated in the 12 hour AM / PM format
- Magic Editor "new document" now creates an empty document without a standard e-mail template
- Magic Editor format the font, font color and background color (bug fix)
- In KUNOMAIL, additional audio formats -mp3 .mp4 can now be added to the e-mails and played automatically
- "1000 fonts for your email", additional fonts can now be added in KUNOMAIL
- Optimization in the selection of the e-mail recipient
- E-mail dialog can also be conveniently placed in the background using a pin (deselected)
- Import contacts from GMail (bugfix)
- The "My Own" folder can be renamed in the repair tool



KUNOMAIL Version=1.5.3
ReleaseDate=07/17/2021 12:00

- insert and send multiple local images
- Email dialog, improved selection of email recipients
- SPAM Manager, updates e-mail messages after adding or removing them from the black-whitelist
- Attachments can now be sent in the PremiumSupport dialog
- Outlook contacts can now be imported into the contact management
- Images / GIFs can now be added to the signature
- All email attachments can now be saved with one action
- after deleting the email, the account was updated, now only the folder is updated
- after deleting the e-mail, the wizard appeared although there was no new e-mail (bug fix)
- KUNOMAIL INSTALLER resets directory rights after Windows Update 20H2
- The size of the e-mail dialog can now be freely changed again
- Improvement of the MagicEditor when starting a new e-mail (font, font size, color can now be specified for the entire e-mail without making a selection)
- E-Mails can now be saved as "local" templates and called up at any time in the E-Mail dialog
- "Local" email templates can be managed in the media center
- A standard e-mail template can be set in the KUNOMAIL settings in the "E-Mail" section
- Assistants can remain visible if desired until the customer clicks on them manually
- Improvements when deleting emails
- Search for emails is now easier to access via the center console of the main window



KUNOMAIL Version=1.5.2
ReleaseDate=25.06.2021 18:00

- YouTube help link in the dialogs
- Backup & Restore from now on without a password requirement
- KUNOMAIL Installer shows the current start wizard during the installation
- Deleting, dragging and dropping emails accelerated
- Delete email options individually or as a group
- Importing contacts is now possible from any * .csv import file



KUNOMAIL Version=1.5.1
ReleaseDate=19.06.2021 10:00

- the old editor was completely removed from KUNOMAIL
- If not licensed, the start assistant is displayed for at least 5 seconds
- E-mail recipients can be combined in groups
- The standard email account for sending can be set
- Complete multilingualism is available
- Accelerated deletion of emails
- Email replies, all previous recipients are displayed
- Display of all e-mail recipients in the main window center console



KUNOMAIL Version=1.5.0
ReleaseDate=12.06.2021 10:00

- E-mail attachments can now be displayed, opened and saved directly on the paper clip symbol
- no spell check for signatures & premium accounts (bugfix)
- Premium support window (maximize brings the window to the top left corner instead of maximizing it) (bugfix)
- E-mail accounts folders can now be loaded again folded up, to do this, select "Save current view" in the configuration (bug fix)
- E-mail accounts group view, grid & does not update the selected e-mail or shows an e-mail that is no longer available in the grid (bugfix)



KUNOMAIL Version=1.4.9
ReleaseDate=04.06.2021 10:00

- Assistant selection - let appear randomly in alternation
- Slide show display optimized for different resolutions
- in the dialogue "Signature" & "PremiumSupport" the new Magic Editor is integrated
- "Compose e-mail" selection of recipients improved, simple multiple selection via checkbox possible
- Drag & Drop to POP3 deactivated, use local folders instead



KUNOMAIL Version=1.4.8
ReleaseDate=27.05.2021 18:00

- Magic Editor Slideshow with AutoPlay available
- Magic Editor can now be maximized
- StartAssistant is available again
- E-mails can now be read out
- Welcome text address - Date and time announcement (bug fix)
- Volume control in the settings has no effect (bug fix)
- Typing noises no longer work (bug fix)
- Delete POP3 email, appear again after updating the account (bug fix)
- deleted e-mail is displayed in the overview, but cannot be opened (bug fix)
- Email without a subject disappears in the background (bug fix)
- Display after changing the surface (bug fix)
- switch between local & online folder, overview does not reload (bug fix)
- Add SPAM Manager via the context menu (bug fix)
- Drag & Drop (bug fix)



KUNOMAIL Version=1.4.7
ReleaseDate=16.05.2021 10:00

- Magic Editor slideshow available
- Full text email search available
- Available in EMail Search
- KuNoMAIL starts with a new intro
- automatic signature were not loaded (bugfix)
- End email, save a draft and then close the dialog (bug fix)
- Completion of the user dialogs
- Accelerated context menus



KUNOMAIL Version=1.4.6
ReleaseDate=04.05.2021 12:00

- KuNoMAIL LiveView available
- Checkmark removed, new selection via keyboard with CTRL and Shift key
- Selecting and deselecting the checkmark does not work correctly (error correction / checkmark removed)
- Messages are all unmarked when I click on a message that has not yet been read. (bug fix)
- Preview no longer available if drafts are deleted (bugfix)
- LogFile MailManger extended
- Deleting local emails - query like trash! (cannot be switched off)
- Sorting in the collected inbox is not correct. (bug fix)
- Interface extension for full screen animation
- Print emails, hide the zoom bar (bug fix)
- KuNoMAIL can be started minimized
- KuNoMAIL start window can be set from 10% -100%
- automatically read mark only after the 2nd click (bug fix)
- Deleting individual emails shows error message (bug fix)
- Show .eml files when KuNoMAIL is minimized and you try to open them individually



KUNOMAIL Version=1.4.5
ReleaseDate=25.04.2021 18:00

- KuNoMAIL MagicEditor aviable



KUNOMAIL Version=1.4.4
ReleaseDate=27.03.2021 13:00

- SPAM Manager available
- Delete POP3 emails (recycle bin)
- Open *.eml file directly in KuNoMAIL
- Archive folder in collected view
- Local folders / favourites collapsible
- Contact management entries not selectable (bug fix)
- E-mail draft on re-opening - recipient empty (bug fix)
- E-mail is open (displayed), account synchronisation jumps to another e-mail (bug fixing)
- Create & delete e-mail account folder (bug fix)
- Send e-mail, close e-mail window when sending, error message appears (bug fix)
- English version does not recognise automatic updates (bug fix)
- Removed animation when sending emails (will be back in a later update)
- Send email with alternative sender name (can be set in email account)
- Incredimail Importer (contacts) integrate complete *.csv exports



KUNOMAIL Version=1.4.3
ReleaseDate=13.03.2021 18:00

- System-wide performance improvement (email account synchronisation, faster deletion of emails) / (AOL & Yahoo (IMAP only) still have performance restrictions which are currently being worked on!)
- 1 email folder (Inbox, Sent, Drafts, Trash ...) for all your email accounts
- BCC recipient
- Set KuNoMAIL as your default e-mail programme
- KuNoMAIL autostart with Windows
- Copy, move and cut multiple e-mails via Drag&Drop & context menu
- Set the e-mail accounts start view (common folder, classic folder view)
- When closing, KuNoMAIL is placed in the systray/taskbar
- Limitation of 5000 e-mails per folder has been removed
- Contact selection now via contact email address and contact name
- E-mail zoom view can be set in the settings
- In the media centre, the element previews are now also deleted correctly when deleting (bug fix)
- If the OnlineShop update is running, it cannot be started manually in the media centre until it has been completed



KUNOMAIL Version=1.4.2
ReleaseDate=23.02.2021 18:00

- Compose a new email, the selection of templates can be varied in the display (wider, narrower)
- Media center right mouse button on pictures, videos and audio shows context menu for direct opening
- Displaying an email with attachments in the external view (bug fix)
- Final preparation for the KuNoMAIL MovieMaker function



KUNOMAIL Version=1.4.1
ReleaseDate=21.02.2021 10:00

- Preparation for the KuNoMAIL MovieMaker function
- Improvement of multilingualism
- Forced update notification if the installed version is older than 2 versions



KUNOMAIL Version=1.4.0
ReleaseDate=14.02.2021 10:00

- KuNoMAIL can be operated entirely in English
- Warning about the expired trial version is in the background (bug fix)
- OnlineShop products synchronization with different e-mail registrations (bug fix)
- Letterhead is now displayed without borders
- some imported emails are not displayed (bug fix)
- forward e-mail, add all attachments (bug fix)
- E-Mail Recycle Bin, deleted e-mails appear again (bug fix)



KUNOMAIL Version=1.3.9
ReleaseDate=07.02.2021 18:00

- The directory rights are set explicitly for each folder created
- Media center animated images falter (bugfix)
- only expand the selected email account (in the selection tree)
- some gif images were not loaded (bugfix)
- Save email attachments, incorrect display (bug fix)
- E-Mail drag & drop, moved e-mail was available again after synchronization (error correction)
- Media center shows the status "Shop products load" completely
- Status and progress indicator remains displayed in the active window
- Favorite folders show the status of the linked folder
- when changing an assistant, the status for the preparation is displayed



KUNOMAIL Version=1.3.8
ReleaseDate=31.01.2021 12:00

- Delete favorites folder (bug fix)
- Dialogs optimized "continue", "cancel" - "yes", "no"
- the desired speech output was not loaded when the settings were called up again (error correction)
- Email accounts "right mouse button menu", the email accounts can be updated individually
- Email, inserted background sounds were not played (bugfix)



KUNOMAIL Version=1.3.7
ReleaseDate=25.01.2021 11:30

- Email wizard is not displayed (bug fix)
- GIFs (animated images) are not shown animated in the email (bugfix)



KUNOMAIL Version=1.3.6
ReleaseDate=24.01.2021 17:00

- Create and manage local folders
- Create and manage local favorites
- move emails to your local folder via drag & drop
- Media center - Drag & Drop for images and animations (bug fix)
- Mark email as read shows errors (bug fix)
- Status window disappears in the background (bug fix)
- Incredimail Importer data incorrectly assigned (bugfix)
- Email wizard appears although no new email has been received (bug fix)



KUNOMAIL Version=1.3.5
ReleaseDate=17.01.2021 10:00

- Email synchronization - status display can be minimized
- Aborted shop downloads or defective ZIPs are automatically reloaded
- Media center - Automatically update the meter reading folder
- Compose e-mail, selection of contacts now also via the contact name
- the maximum number of emails per email folder has been set to 5,000
- Improvement of the performance of the email account synchronization
- Saving an email (error message invalid characters)
- If the PC is shut down or restarted, KuMoMail closes automatically
- Sending with multiple attachments T-Online (bug fixed)
- load saved accounts on startup (bug fixed)
- new email in the foreground (bug fixed)
- Media center & e-mail dialog - Designation of signatures (bug fixed)
- Compose email, window is placed in the background (bug fixed)
- The current YouTube explanatory videos are available under Help



KUNOMAIL Version=1.3.4
ReleaseDate=08.01.2021 22:30

- move selected emails via drag & drop to the target folder
- move selected elements in the media center via drag & drop to the target folder
- Email synchronization "new" or "unread emails" (bug fix)
- Bug fixes in the Incredimail importer
- Incredimail Importer extension - import of animated pictures and contacts
- Updated functions are indicated to the user by "flashing" menu items
- Email drafts can now be set as the standard draft for new emails
- User dialogs are adapted to the context "yes", "no", "continue", "cancel"
- rename email folders like for example "INBOX" to "INBOX"
- additional fields in the email overview "Sender Name", "Recipient Name"
- Double-clicking on an email opens either the full screen preview or the email processing mode



KUNOMAIL Version=1.3.3
ReleaseDate=31.12.2020 01:00

- LogFile folder does not exist
- Email account settings "only delete local emails" for POP3
- Product registration is no longer necessary for the online shop
- Directory rights are reset for the logged in user
- Missing LogFile directory in the bug report fixed
- "Source too big" bug fixed
- Compose an email, several attachments can now be added at the same time
- Media center does not show the folder management button if the screen resolution is too small
- POP3 synchronization problems fixed
- Online shop synchronization problems fixed



KUNOMAIL Version=1.3.2
ReleaseDate=20.12.2020 18:00

- Email ads with zoom control
- If emails are moved / deleted in other email programs, KuNoMAIL automatically synchronizes them
- Start screen with personal salutation
- Volume control for voice output and typing noises in the settings
- Sent email is displayed in the InfoPanel
- Performance improvement in the Windows client
- Assistants and user interfaces are displayed according to salespersons



KUNOMAIL Version=1.31
ReleaseDate=09.12.2020 13:00

- Reworking of the email folder, different providers showed different errors
- when retrieving the email folder and then the emails contained therein
- Folders with no content no longer receive a counter [0]
- Online Shop F5 added the product to the shopping cart again
- After sending an error report, the user receives information
- Media center timeout limited to a maximum of 30 seconds



KUNOMAIL Version=1.30
ReleaseDate=06.12.2020 10:00

- Shop products are now automatically loaded during email synchronization
- Saving emails, cleaning up special characters
- EMail retrieval of senders from contact groups (bug fix)
- at the end of an email there is cryptic text (bug fix)
- Save email as draft updates the number of folders displayed
- Sending error report crashes if there are a lot of log files (bug fix)