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Service description - KUNOMAIL

  • KUNOMAIL backup
  • SPAM manager
  • E-mail search
  • Contact management with import function
  • Create original & personalised emails for any occasion
  • Choose from exceptional letter templates, greeting cards, images and GIFs
  • Use your IncrediMail templates
  • Unique interfaces embellish your email client and guarantee you fun
  • Funny wizards notify you of "your mail”
  • Manage your templates easily and well-arranged in the media center
  • The programme is under constant development
  • New add-ons and extensions are regularly available
  • All products are easily purchased via our online store and managed via your online account
  • Create folders also via the context menu
  • Import contacts from any email program

More features - coming soon!  (automatic and free of charge with the upcoming updates)

  • Import and export features
  • E-mail rule management
You can only use all functions without restriction with a licensed version.
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Licence for the full version

34,99 €

     - once (no subscription)

The license is valid per computer and can be used by several users on one computer. The price has to be paid once and includes all future updates. No subscription!


Discounted additional licence

14,99 €

     - once (no subscription)

Requires a valid licence for the full version. The additional licence is valid per computer and can be used by multiple users on one computer. The license is valid per computer and can be used by several users on one computer. The price has to be paid once and includes all future updates. No subscription!
(Purchase only possible via the KUNOMAIL online store)

We recommend using the option and testing KUNOMAIL without obligation before purchasing a license. To do this, you only have to start the download using the button of the same name and carry out the installation.
There is no right of withdrawal on "digital contents" according to § 356 Abs. 5 BGB.
We use PayPal as payment service provider. There is no need for you to have a PayPal account! We use PayPal as payment service provider. There is no need for you to have a PayPal account!

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Here you can download the latest KUNOMAIL version for Windows! Click on the button and start the download. Afterwards, you can run the KUNOMAIL installation. Existing versions will be updated automatically.



KUNOMAIL Update 1.5.4

1000 fonts for your email. The right font for every occasion ...click here to read more

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You do not know KUNOMAIL yet?

Learn more and get a first overview via our YouTube videos. KUNOMAIL Review Video

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KUNOMAIL - customers recruit customers

! Avast Anti Virus Problem !

There is currently a problem for customers with the Avast Anti Virus program. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not respond to our inquiries. Therefore we can only recommend another anti virus program to our customers.

KUNOMAIL - delete Activation

In this video tutorial we will show you how to reset your KUNOMAIL license and register your new PC.

KUNOMAIL - delete Activation

KUNOMAIL Affiliate - Partner

Earn money with KUNOMAIL advertising.

Due to numerous inquiries and customer requests, we have created the option for you to include the download of KUNOMAIL via a link on your website, Facebook or email. The best part about every download of the...

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KUNOMAIL Update 1.5.2

The special thing about this update, is the new possibility to delete your emails without any delays. Now you can also import your contacts from other e-mail programs. ...read more

KUNOMAIL - Import of external contacts (Tutorial)


Learn how to use the SPAM Manager and what options are available in our video.



Your tool for personal video greetings!

In just 3 steps - very easy!
Your personal video for an email or a video greeting to your friends and family.


Available from today in the shop.  click here to read more

KUNOMAIL Update 1.5.3

The special thing about this update is that this time there are many new features and also some improvements. We would also like to thank everyone who took the time to answer the last newsletter. ...weiterlesen




December 2020


We are proud to announce the release of the 1st full version of KUNOMAIL.

Who would have thought that our "baby" would see the light of day after only 9 months. A thousand thanks for your support! Without your trust and countless support it would have been impossible.

September 2020

The KUNOMAIL prototype is here!

After only 6 months we are able to present the prototype. Unbelievable - what a summer! The journey was worth it! Your positive feedback has always encouraged us and pushed us further. The prototype is a complete success!

June 2020

Our website launched!

The idea has taken shape. KUNOMAIL is here!
Now the journey can continue...

March 2020

Our idea is born!

The email fun must continue!

The world needs a unique, fun and customised email client. We're just going to do it now! There needs to be an alternative...


KUNOMAIL Magic Editor

Experience the world of e-mails in a whole new way!

Experience the world of e-mails in a whole new way and surprise your loved ones and friends with great animations and colorful e-mails.

The Magic Editor is available with the upcoming update V1.4.5.

  • Position images where you want
  • Work with layers to create unique effects
  • Create special emails for any occasion with animated backgrounds
  • Work with great text effects
  • Create a slideshow directly in your email in no time at all


Try it out right away! Play with the unique functions, test and combine the possibilities. Be creative and surprise your friends and acquaintances with great, colorful and animated e-mails. You have the possibility to switch back to our old editor at any time. You can select this via the system settings with a tick. Of course there will be a video tutorial for the new MAGIC editor. We will publish this shortly. The permanent further development is of course also guaranteed, as you are used to from us!

With the MAGIC Editor, we have created a way of writing e-mails that not every other e-mail software can display or does not display correctly. We also have great news for you! We are developing the KUNOMAIL Viewer. This can be downloaded free of charge by your friends and family. This way they also have the possibility to enjoy your created e-mails in all their glory. With the KUNOMAIL Viewer you can only view e-mails, it is not possible to send or design your own e-mails!

For now, we wish you lots of fun with the new MAGIC Editor and if you have any further ideas, please feel free to use the integrated feedback form (you will find it in the tabs directly in the MAGIC Editor). We are looking forward to your messages!


There are no limits to your imagination!

Like everything else at KUNOMAIL, the MAGIC Editor will of course be continuously developed further and equipped with additional functions.

KUNOMAIL - Magic Editor Preview

KUNOMAIL Movie Maker

Your tool for personal video greetings!

In just 3 steps - very easy!

1. record video
2. integrate into a video greeting or letter template
3. send

Your personal video for an email or a video greeting to your friends and family. We provide you with numerous unusual letter and video greeting templates so that you can send your video greeting in style and beautifully packaged. The MovieMaker - unique and only at KUNOMAIL! Available from Tuesday, 23.02.2021 in our KUNOMAIL online shop.
You have to have it!

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The IncrediMail Importer

Import your IncrediMail letter templates and greeting cards!

With the IncrediMail Importer you can easily convert your self-created letters and automatically transfer them to KUNOMAIL as well as import contacts and emails. The IncrediMail Importer can be purchased as an add-on product to your KUNOMAIL licence at a cost of only 4.99 Euro via your online account in our online store.

You want to transfer your complete emails including folder structure to KUNOMAIL?

There are several ways to export your emails from IncrediMail. In our YouTube Video, we explain how to do the export manually. If you have several hundred or even thousands of locally stored emails, it is recommendable to export them with the help of an external programme. For this, we offer you the programme "Incredimail Migrator" from the company PCVare for an exclusively negotiated special price.

Using the link below, you can purchase the programme with the standard licence for 25.78 Euro directly from PCVare. Exporting your data has never been so easy!


Click here to go to the PCVARE website to learn more   oder   or click here to go to the special offer


Online shop & online account & members area

With your account you can browse the online store, shop and look for new available products. You can also find your payment information, licences and registrations in your account. Moreover, you have the possibility to edit your personal data or set a new password.   KUNOMAIL online shop!

KUNOMAIL - Movie Maker

60s pin up sticker

Incredimail Importer


Assistent - Postbote

125 x 3D Emoticons

Spring Skin

Assistent - Genie Dance

Der KUNOMAIL - helpcenter

Ist KUNOMAIL der richtige E-Mail Client für Dich?

Hier beantworten wir Dir die Frage ob KUNOMAIL der richtige E-Mail Client für Dich ist.

In our helpcenter you will not only find out whether KUNOMAIL is the right email for you, but also why. We compare KUNOMAIL with common emails Programs that are currently available on the market. We show you the advantages and disadvantages of Outlook, Thunderbird, Mailbird, Gmail, etc. and you decide whether KUNOMAIL is better for you personally than the competition.   continue to the helpcenter

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Who are WE?


KUNOMAIL - Christian Noack
KUNOMAIL - Fanciska Peters
KUNOMAIL - David Kubitsch
Graphic & Design

Our partners



We are happy to inform you that since 4th June 2020 we have a big partner in Germany to support our project. mailhilfe.de offers users, among other things, a large portfolio of information on the most popular email clients, a huge forum and an online store. In close cooperation with mailhilfe.de, we are working on the continuous improvement and adaptation of our e-mail client.

Continue to the KUNOMAIL article on mailhilfe.de

KUNOMAIL combines a solid range of functions with customizable designs. Fans of the discontinued IncrediMail could find a new home here.

| CHIP Software-Editorial Staff

The CHIP editorial team says:

KUNOMAIL: Clear mail program with retro charm

KUNOMAIL focuses on clarity and only shows the most important elements that a mail client must have on its playful interface. Mail retrieval is supported via IMAP / POP3 with SSL and TLS. You can store up to 8 e-mail accounts in the software, and an assistant helps you set them up. Another typical feature of IncrediMail are the various notifications that creatively announce the arrival of new mail.

But most of all, the software can set itself apart from other competitors through the option of individually designing emails with a wide variety of layouts. Greeting cards, pictures, GIFs, sounds, KUNOMAIL offers you a lot of play options. Importing templates and greeting cards created in IncrediMail is also possible thanks to an importer function.

here is the chip article

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