KUNOMAIL for Windows

Copyright(c) 2021 InspiredSoftware

Features Current version

The functions contained in the KuNoMAIL Windows Client are described here.

Functions Trial version Full version license
Standard e-mail functions
Number of accounts 1 ✓  unlimited
Media center
selectable user interface
selectable assistant
LiveView Option
E-Mail search
MAGIC Editor ✓  usable to a limited extent ✓  fully usable
Updates ✓  Bug fixes
X  without extensions
✓  Bug fixes
✓  including extensions
Spammanager X
KuNoMAIL Backup X
E-Mail Rule management X ✓  upcoming expansion
Import / Export X ✓  upcoming expansion
Advertising X  included in email footer ✓  no Advertising
Support User forum  Mailhilfe.de ✓  Premium Support
Number of devices 1 1 + (discounted additional licenses)
Price Free 34,99 € (single)