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New E-Mail Editor

Compose e-mails without restrictions in the future

The current e-mail editor is not a piece of cake, admittedly. But the coming one does! Finally design e-mails without restrictions and with new possibilities. Additional tools, colors, fonts and options for backgrounds, images and effects.



Simply share your lovingly designed email with anyone ...

With the KuNoMAIL LiveView you can easily share your lovingly designed email with anyone. It doesn't matter which email program the recipient of your email uses.


E-Mail Search

Search email (full text) - ALL mailboxes

In the future, you can search for specific e-mails in all mailboxes and sent objects using any search term.


Backup & Archive

Creating local backups and archives

Each mailbox as well as the KuNoMAIL Windows client with all personal settings can be saved locally in the future and restored when the system is set up again.


KUNOMAIL Weather Skin

Your personal weather report in KuNoMAIL.

With the KUNOMAIL Weather Skin (surface), we combine your personal weather report from your region with the KuNoMAIL user interface. Depending on the weather, your KuNoMAIL user interface. Let yourself be surprised...


KUNOMAIL Template Creator (letter and greeting templates)

Create and manage letter - greeting templates. Additional tools are available to you for formatting your templates. In Incredimail mode, the templates can be created 1: 1 as in Incredimail. Additional effects and animations make every recipient of your email jam...