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After 20 years of existence, IncrediMail very abruptly announced that it would be shutting down in March 2020. Like most active IM users, we were also very surprised by this. We looked for an alternative and found nothing that even came close to IncrediMail.

We didn't want to give up and were looking for a fun email client that offered the possibilities of IM to write and create funny and simply "different" emails.
After a fruitless search and unsuccessful tests, our idea was born!

With KuNoMAIL we would like to take you into a new and, yes, somewhat different world than the standard email clients of today offer.

We are still at the very beginning of a very long journey and KuNoMAIL is developing step by step. We would like to take you, the (former) users of IncrediMail, with us on this journey and develop a client that you will have as much fun and enjoyment with as you once did with IncrediMail.

Test KuNoMAIL free of charge for 14 days and participate in all program updates in the basic version after purchasing the one-time license.

We are looking forward to you!
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This is what the CHIP editors say about KuNoMAIL

KUNOMAIL combines a solid range of functions with customizable designs. Fans of the discontinued IncrediMail could find a new home here.

| CHIP Software-Editorial Staff

The CHIP editorial team says:

KUNOMAIL: Clear mail program with retro charm

KUNOMAIL focuses on clarity and only shows the most important elements that a mail client must have on its playful interface. Mail retrieval is supported via IMAP / POP3 with SSL and TLS. You can store up to 8 e-mail accounts in the software, and an assistant helps you set them up. Another typical feature of IncrediMail are the various notifications that creatively announce the arrival of new mail.

But most of all, the software can set itself apart from other competitors through the option of individually designing emails with a wide variety of layouts. Greeting cards, pictures, GIFs, sounds, KUNOMAIL offers you a lot of play options. Importing templates and greeting cards created in IncrediMail is also possible thanks to an importer function.

here is the chip article

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